How To Stake ADA:
Daedalus Wallet

Daedalus Staking Guide

Here is an overview on how to stake your ADA to our pool ADAX in Five steps:


Download and install the Official Daedalus Incentivized Testnet wallet.
Ensure you verify the integrity of the download using the PGP signature


Restore your testnet snapshot ADA using your 15 word recovery phrase or paper wallet


Create an ADA rewards wallet by clicking:
"Create a wallet"
Daedalus will guide you through the wallet creation process


Migrate your testnet snapshot ADA to your new ADA rewards wallet
This step upgrades you from:
Testnet Snapshot Wallet = Old Byron Wallet [Not staking compatible]
Rewards Wallet = New Shelley Wallet [Is staking compatible]


Click on the 'Delegation Center' and search for our pool with the ticker: ADAX


Please direct any questions or queries you may have to us over on our Telegram Channel:

Don't be a stranger! We are friendly and will try our best to help with any questions you have:)

Further Reading:

For a comprehensive in-depth guide, we highly recommend you also consult the Official IOHK documentation on how to stake your ADA using Daedalus.

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NOTE: Important Security Warning

Please be warned that under no circumstance should you ever send your ADA to anyone who claims to be running a staking pool. Delegating your stake to any pool does not require you to send your ADA anywhere. No ADA will leave your wallet. Please be careful. We will be writing a blog post about the theory behind how Cardano’s Delegated Proof of Stake works which will explain this in detail.
Stay tuned!