Fixed Pool Fee:

You Receive:


ADA Staking Rewards

Simple Fixed Fee:

That means you get 95.2% of the staking reward and we keep 4.8% which supports the maintaince and upkeep of our Cardano stake pool service.


Learn more about the above Stake Pool Tax Parameters:
Official Documentation

Did you know?:

  1. Rewards are automatically paid out to our delegators by the Cardano protocol. No tampering with rewards is possible.
  2. We can't increase our fee without you having to re-delegate to us. When you delegate and stake your ADA you enter into a fixed contract. If the terms of the contract change, your participation in the contract automatically terminates and your ADA is no longer delegated.

Example Of How Staking Fees Work:

Example ADA
Total ADA staked to pool 100,000
ADA you have delegated to the pool 10,000
Rewards for epoch 10,000
Your ADA Reward pre-fee 1,000
Pool Fee (4.8%) -48
Your ADA Reward After Fee 952